TherapyPMS vs TherapyNotes

Explore why TherapyPMS shines as the top choice for practice management compared to other software options.


TherapyPMS offers a comprehensive practice management solution for therapy practices and provides in-depth support and functionality for efficient processes.


TherapyNotes offers essential features required for therapy practices, however, the lack of certain features might affect the functionality to work efficiently.

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  • TherapyPMS

  • TherapyNotes

  • Practice Management Streamlines administrative tasks and improves the efficiency of therapy practices
  • Electronic Documentation Enables therapists to create and manage therapy documentation electronically for easy access and secure updates
  • Client Communication Facilitates effective communication among therapists and clients for remote therapy sessions
  • Billing and Payment Processing Streamlines the billing process and ensures accurate reimbursement for therapy services electronically
  • Security Measures Safeguards sensitive information and confidentiality of client data by implementing robust measures
  • Customer Support and Pricing Ensures customers receive timely support for queries and concerns and affordable pricing for therapy needs
  • Appointment Scheduling Enables therapists to schedule appointments at their own pace and send unlimited reminders for reduction of no-shows
  • Insurance Billing Simplifies billing process using robot features
  • Payroll Management Enables effortless management of payroll and ensures accurate and timely compensation for staff and professionals
  • Reporting Leverages customizable reports for valuable insights and data-informed decisions
  • Frequently asked questions

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    Yes, we offer the convenience of scheduling appointments with the flexibility to send reminders via email and text messages to reduce no-shows.
    Yes, it is possible for you to sync your schedule with google calendar. You can also reset the calendar each week to remove the previous appointments.
    Yes, our scheduling feature enables you to effortlessly schedule and manage both individual and group appointments with ease.