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Taking the Stress out of Practice Management

Effortlessly manage your therapy practice with our intuitive software. Say goodbye to stress and hello to streamlined scheduling, billing, documentation and more.

TherapyPMS is a complete practice management software that enables ABA's and therapists to streamline daily admin tasks and offer quality patient care.

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Take Control with Our

Our Scheduler helps you schedule appointments on your terms and send unlimited reminders to reduce no-shows.

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Efficient Authorization Management

Manage your client’s authorizations based on the total units allocated.

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Automate Your Insurance

Simplify your billing process with our robot features like claim filtering, automatic claim batching, and more.

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Customizable Templates for Effortless Streamlining

Streamline all your documentation needs using built-in templates and customization options for your Practice

How it Works

See how you can run practices with TherapyPMS

Ultimate Practice Management Software

Maximize productivity, streamline administrative processes, and deliver exceptional patient care with ABA TherapyPMS.

ABA Professionals

ABA Professionals can simplify administrative tasks, improve operational efficiency, gain valuable real-time insights, and utilize data collection to provide more accurate and effective ABA Therapy interventions.

ST/OT/PT & Mental Health

OT/ST/PT and Mental Professionals can optimize their ABA therapy clinic management, streamline workflows, monitor progress, and elevate client care to new levels of excellence with ABA Billing Therapy Practice Management Software

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Therapy Clinics

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Patient Records

Everything you can do with TherapyPMS

With TherapyPMS, unlock a comprehensive solution tailored to meet all your practice management needs.

Partners & Integrations

Empowering ABA Therapy Professionals with our Integrations to ensure a Seamless Workflow, Maximized Productivity, and Improved Efficiency.

Users ❤️ TherapyPMS

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

I love the fact that it is so easy to use. The system itself isn't outdated like most others are. Very easy to navigate and move through! My overall experience has been wonderful. Everything always goes answered if any questions. I never miss any updates, the system shows you any updates along with a how-to and the changes, with pictures.

Paul D.


It has made my life so much easier. I am thankful to have found the product and would not stop using it or change to anything else. The customer support is fabulous. They are quick and responsive. They work with you to meet your needs for training. The software is easy to use and they help make sure everything is working correctly.

Cheryl D.

Owner of ABA Company

We are able to use TPMS to manage multiple sites in various counties. The most impactful features are scheduling and the ability to conduct payroll from the scheduling. TPMS also makes billing easier. We were able to transition from Amromed's previous platform to TPMS with ease.

Keith B.

Owner of ABA Company


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