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World No#1 Therapy Practice Management Software Made Effortless With TherapyPMS

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Ultimate ABA Practice Management

Maximize productivity, streamline administrative processes, and deliver exceptional patient care with ABA TherapyPMS.

ABA Billing


ABA Professionals can simplify administrative tasks, improve operational efficiency, gain valuable real-time insights, and utilize data collection to provide more accurate and effective ABA Therapy interventions.
ABA Schedule appointments, manage authorization, analyze reports, process payroll, and more.

ABA Services


OT/ST/PT Professionals can optimize their ABA therapy clinic management, streamline workflows, monitor progress, and elevate client care to new levels of excellence with ABA Billing Therapy Practice Management Software
Improve productivity with the help of documentation, ABA Billing, client portal, and more.
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All The Tools to Effectively Manage Your

ABA Therapy Practice In One Place.
Schedule Appointments
Effortlessly streamline appointment management and simplify scheduling processes with our ABA scheduler. Empower your staff to create appointments, edit, and view, while taking advantage of customizable features such as color-coded calendars, automated reminders to reduce no-shows, and the ability to schedule recurring meetings.
Authorization Management
Efficiently track and monitor your clients’ authorizations, seamlessly scheduling appointments within the authorized unit limits to ensure compliance and prevent over billing. Stay ahead with automated notifications that alert you when authorizations are nearing expiration, empowering proactive intervention and minimizing billing errors.
Therapy Documentation
Create, store, and access comprehensive aba therapy documentation using TherapyPMS’s built-in note templates. Streamline your ABA practice workflow with features like note duplication, real-time note creation during sessions, and seamless access to essential therapy records.
Client Portal
Enhance client communication and engagement through TherapyPMS’s Client Portal. Your clients can access appointment details, treatment plans, session notes, make payments, securely message you, and access other resources, fostering a collaborative and personalized aba therapy experience.
Insurance Billing
Simplify your aba billing and invoicing processes by automating insurance claim management, claim batching, claim scrubbing and tracking payments. With our ABA therapy billing service, you can ensure accurate and timely billing, reduce aba billing errors, and improve revenue management.
Streamline and automate your payroll process, saving time and reducing errors. Easily track your ABA practitioners hours, calculate wages, generate integrated payroll reports, and make use of our payroll partners with just a few clicks. Ensure accurate payments, compliance with payroll tax regulations, and improve staff satisfaction.


Generate comprehensive reports in TherapyPMS that provide in-depth visibility into your ABA practice’s performance to help you make informed decisions. Gain valuable insights by tracking key metrics such as patient progress, financial performance, appointment schedules, authorization utilization, AR ledger, payroll, and more.
Deliver care using our secure and HIPAA-compliant ABA Telehealth. Our ABA Practice Management Software provides user-friendly tools, such as easy access, screen-sharing ability, session recording, real-time session aba note creation, and more. Expand your reach, enhance efficiency, and provide support seamlessly to your clients.
Security Measures
TherapyPMS is compliant with industry standards like HIPAA, HL7, SSL, ISO 27001, Imunify 360, and more. TherapyPMS ensures your data is stored securely. You can benefit from features like secure data storage, robust access controls, detailed audit trails, and more ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind for your aba practice.
ABA Practice Management TherapyPMS – Workflow
ABA Schedule Appointment

ABA Practice Schedule an appointment with your client

ABA Meet Patients

Meet with the patient in person or virtually through telehealth

ABA Document

Document session notes in note templates available in the library or create a custom template

ABA Billing

After the session is rendered. Create and submit claims hassle-free with ABA practice management software.

About ABA TherapyPMS
At TherapyPMS, we understand the unique challenges faced by Applied Behaviour Analysis / Speech Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy professionals and organizations. Our team of experts has collaborated closely with industry leaders and practitioners to develop a software platform that addresses the specific needs of the ABA community. Whether you are a solo practitioner, a small clinic, or a large organization, our aba software is tailored to meet your requirements and make your life easier.
Our comprehensive aba software solution is designed to streamline your daily operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize the success of your ABA practice. Unlike any ABA Practice Management Software, TherapyPMS aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare practices by reducing administrative burdens, enhancing data collection and analysis, and supporting regulatory compliance.
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Why ABA TherapyPMS


Streamlined Administrative Tasks

Automate and streamline your administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, client intake, documentation, aba billing, and invoicing. This saves time and reduces manual paperwork, allowing you to focus more on providing quality services to your clients.

Improve your Organization and Efficiency

Stay organized and access vital documents and information efficiently with TherapyPMS. Our centralized platform streamlines client information, aba schedule management, aba therapy documentation, financial records, and more for your therapy-based practices (ABA/ST/PT/OT/Others).

Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis

TherapyPMS allows practitioners to record and track client progress, behavior data, and treatment outcomes. This data can be analyzed, graphed, and reported, enabling ABA practitioners to make data-driven decisions and monitor the effectiveness of their interventions.

Provide Better Patient Care

TherapyPMS seamlessly integrates all aspects of your practice, optimizing patient care. Person-centered aba documentation, an adaptable user interface, increased session time, and more enable you to deliver tailored treatment for your patient’s needs.

Flexibility and Scalability

As ABA practices grow, our aba software can easily accommodate an increasing number of clients, staff members, and locations. It provides scalability to support the expanding needs of the ABA practice without significant disruptions or additional administrative burdens.

Compliance and Security

Our best-in-class behavioral analysis software provides you with regulatory compliance and data security by automating documentation, streamlining processes, encrypting patient information, facilitating audits, enhancing privacy controls, and minimizing human error risks.

Partnerships & Integrations

Empowering ABA Therapy Professionals with our Integrations to Ensure a Seamless Workflow, Maximized Productivity, and Improved Efficiency.

Data Collection Partners

Gather, organize, and analyze data related to client behaviors, interventions, progress, and more with our trusted data collection partners.

Clearing House Partners

Utilize our trusted ABA clearinghouse partners to submit electronic insurance claims, ensure accurate validation, and streamline reimbursement processing.

Payroll Partners

Empower your aba practice with our reliable payroll partners. Simplify your payroll, ensuring accuracy, streamlining the payment process effortlessly.

CEU Partners

Enhance your professional growth with our esteemed CEU partners, accessing high-quality continuing education courses and expanding your knowledge seamlessly.

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ABA TherapyPMS offers round-the-clock support to cater to your needs, ensuring prompt resolution of any questions or concerns that arise, and providing assistance whenever you encounter obstacles. We are easily accessible through email, phone, and Freshdesk, allowing you to reach out to us conveniently

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Access TherapyPMS Effortlessly on Any Device and Empower yourself with the Comprehensive tools to Optimize their ABA Therapy Practice.



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TherapyPMS enables many therapy-based companies(ABA/ST/OT/PT) to gain a sense of ease in their aba practice management and aba billing needs with our user-friendly experience and our robust packed aba software. Join them today and scale your business!

What our users says

Paul D.
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I love the fact that it is so easy to use. The system itself isn't outdated like most others are. Very easy to navigate and move through! My overall experience has been wonderful. Everything always goes answered if any questions. I never miss any updates, the system shows you any updates along with a how-to and the changes, with pictures.
Aimee M.
Aimee M.Owner and Director of ABA Company
Read More
The system is really easy to use for providers and administrators. The billing aspect of it is really efficient and gives you peace of mind.
Cheryl D.
Cheryl D.Owner of ABA Company
Read More
It has made my life so much easier. I am thankful to have found the product and would not stop using it or change to anything else. The customer support is fabulous. They are quick and responsive. They work with you to meet your needs for training. The software is easy to use and they help make sure everything is working correctly.
Jasmine W.
Jasmine W.Owner and Director of ABA Company
Read More
The software is easy to use. The team is very accessible and very responsive. They have immediately reached out to answer any questions or address concerns. The software is on par with industry standards.
Keith B.
Keith B.Owner and Director of ABA Company
Read More
We are able to use TPMS to manage multiple sites in various counties. The most impactful features are scheduling and the ability to conduct payroll from the scheduling. TPMS also makes billing easier. We were able to transition from Amromed's previous platform to TPMS with ease.
Melissa G.
Melissa G.Director of Clinical Operations
Read More
Makes scheduling a breeze! Very user friendly.

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