Enhance Your Clinic with Physical Therapy Software

Experience seamless scheduling, billing, and patient management.

Physical Therapy Billing Software

Our Physical Therapy Software enables you to maintain a work-life balance and reduce physical strain through scheduling, appointment management, documentation and reporting features, and a Client Portal. It also streamlines payment processing and insurance verification.

Physical Therapy

Optimize your schedules and reduce heavy workloads by managing appointments efficiently and minimizing time constraints. Utilize our color-coded calendars and automated reminders to prevent missed appointments and focus on patient care

Documentation and Reporting Features

Access built-in templates and customizable reports for tracking patient progress and adapting methods to minimize the burden of ongoing education requirements.

Client Portal

Improve patient engagement and streamline interaction by providing accessibility to appointment details, documentation, and billing information. Enhance communication and support throughout their therapy journey.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions, or read all FAQs.

Yes, we offer the convenience of scheduling appointments with the flexibility to send reminders via email and text messages to reduce no-shows.
Yes, it is possible for you to sync your schedule with google calendar. You can also reset the calendar each week to remove the previous appointments.
Yes, our scheduling feature enables you to effortlessly schedule and manage both individual and group appointments with ease.