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Top-Notch Telehealth Solutions

Facilitate seamless telehealth sessions, providing convenient access to therapy services for clients.

User Friendly Accessibility

With TherapyPMS’s ABA Telehealth feature, accessing therapy appointments becomes effortless for both the clients and the ABA Telehealth Professionals. Through the calendar view, your clients can easily join ABA Telehealth sessions with a click of a button, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple platforms. The video access link can also be conveniently shared, ensuring clients can connect with you without ever leaving the portal.

Virtual Connect

Elevate client experiences to new heights by engaging them virtually. Harness the capabilities of screen sharing, chat functionality, and multi-participant sessions, empowering clients to actively participate in their care. Whether you are guiding your clients through articulation exercises or creating interactive games for them, ABA TherapyPMS enables you to seamlessly facilitate service that creates an impact

Secure Communication
and Messaging

Gain the ability to communicate effortlessly with your clients, both during and before video appointments. Our platform prioritizes the security of sensitive data, ensuring a safe and confidential information exchange that adheres to strict HIPAA compliance standards. Providers can securely share files with the clients and the clients can engage in discussions about non-urgent matters related to their care, and maintain ongoing communication with their healthcare team.

ABA Data Protection

Safeguard your data and your client’s data with ABA TherapyPMS. We prioritize data security and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). By adhering to HIPAA standards, our ABA software ensures that all electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is protected, helping you maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your client’s health records.

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Rest assured with bank-level security and robust encryption layers.


Ensure PHI security that meets HIPAA standards effectively.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, we offer the convenience of scheduling appointments with the flexibility to send reminders via email and text messages to reduce no-shows.
Yes, it is possible for you to sync your schedule with google calendar. You can also reset the calendar each week to remove the previous appointments.
Yes, our scheduling feature enables you to effortlessly schedule and manage both individual and group appointments with ease.